all right... you found me...



welcome to my page....

just a quick update.... has decided to take back their free website unless i want to pay for it...

I guess we all need to make a buck, and i am back on the search for the eternal free website until i have the capabilities to set up a server on my own... :)

for now parts of my website are being relocated to

sorry to have to change sites again... but another one bites the dust! :) tee-hee.. if you don't see something you saw on here before, check the new site.. and vice vesra... soon all of this will be gone.. :) and relocated.. :)



photos I have realized form these past few photographic adventures I am a lousy lousy photographer.. :) I will blame it on the camera... tee-hee

defcon 9 pics are up!!! not mine, but Miss Karens. was nice enough to host them. tee-hee

Defcon Pics

Friends Pics

Burning Man Pics

California party pics

Northwest and the rest pics

the rest is on the new site... :) see you there.....